"The timber of your voice is very unique. You honestly do not sound like anyone else out there and that is SUCH a plus!!"   
Chris Keaton,
Music Publisher, Artist Manager, Song Plugger

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Becky Wiles' Free Kind Of Me wins BEST SONG OF THE MONTH by L.A.-based SongrwiterUniverse

Sep 8 2022


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Free Kind Of Me


A heartfelt mix of self-discovery, nostalgia and second chances, pianist and singer/songwriter Becky Wiles debuts her all-original Folk/Country/Christian album with toe-tappin' hoedowns full of banjos, fiddles and slide guitars, soaring string and piano ballads, a sweet love song duet, and even a 1940s nightclub blues jam with a raunchy solo trumpet. Wiles' vocal delivery is both vulnerable and powerful, playful and defiant; a little raspy, with that signature yodely crack that fans have come to know her by.